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September 18,2001
Fujitsu General Limited

Full-scale entry into a market of
Multi Air Conditioning System for Buildings

Aiming at further expansion of air conditioner business

It has been 41 years since we started air conditioner business in 1961. During that time, we have expanded our production facilities to overseas centering on China and Thailand to be able to supply our room air conditioners and packaged air conditioners to all over the world.
In order to meet the demand of our world-wide business partners, we started to sell a multi air conditioning system for buildings “*VRF System ” Airstage in August and entered into this growing market in full scale.
We will start the business from overseas market.

*VRF stands for Variable Refrigerant Flow, and Airstage is a trademark of Fujitsu General Limited.

Background and purpose of entry into multi air conditioning system for buildings

The total demand of multi air conditioning system for building is around 70,000 systems in Japan, but the sales is steadily increasing overseas every year. In Europe, in particular, the growth is estimated to be over 13% per year up to 2004, and the promising markets, other than Europe, are China, Asia, Australia, Middle East, Central and South America.

With the support of the high valuation and reputation acquired in the world-wide market by our past business, we are aiming to further expand the air conditioner business by entering into the business of big capacity multi air conditioning system for buildings.

Outline of business

Development base Established a development center in the Hamamatsu Fujitsu General Ltd. and built a new test facility.
Production base Fujitsu General (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Production engineering is taken care of by Fujitsu General Engineering (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Marketing base Making full use of our sales agents as well as our following marketing subsidiaries, we are intending to expand the business in Europe, Middle East, Australia, South America, Asia, China, etc.
  • Fujitsu General (U.K.) Co., Ltd. (UK)
  • Fujitsu General (EURO) GmbH (Germany)
  • Fujitsu General (Aust) Pty. Ltd. (Australia)
  • Fujitsu General Do Brasil Ltda. (Brazil)
  • Fujitsu General (Middle East) FZE. (UAE)
  • Fujitsu General (Asia) PTE. Ltd. (Singapore)
  • Fujitsu General (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (China)
Support set-up
  1. Will establish a support center one after another at each of above marketing base to strengthen the sales and technical supports.
  2. Will establish immediately a “VRF Support Center (London)” in our marketing subsidiary Fujitsu General (U.K.) Co., Ltd. to support VRF business in Europe and Middle East.

Main specifications and features of new product

Outdoor unit Function 3 types of Cooling only/Heat pump/Heat recovery
Capacity 10 horse power (28kW)
Power supply 50Hz 3φ 380 - 415V
Indoor unit 9 types, 35 models including Ducted type, Cassette type, Wall-mounted type
  1. Realizing high efficient operation by 3 compressor power accumulation system
  2. Using environmentally friendly alternative refrigerant R407C
  3. Up to 16 indoor units connectable to one outdoor unit
  4. Central remote controller, PC controller can control up to 400 indoor units
  5. Use of wired or wireless remote controller with same indoor unit, or simultaneous use, is possible

(Click the following website for a system image diagram.)

Future development

We will build up the business setup to realize the customer satisfaction by expanding the capacity range up to 5 - 40 horse power in 3 years, enriching various sales promotion software and service maintenance tools, reinforcing sales support setup and establishing new support centers.

Our sales target is 1,500 systems for the first year and 16,000 systems in 2004.

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