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October 24, 2003
Fujitsu General Limited

New motor business company establishment
with Jiangsu Little Swan Group Co., Ltd. in China

This time, we have signed the joint venture agreement with Jiangsu Little Swan Group Co., Ltd. (hereafter called "Little Swan Group"), who is the Chinese powerful manufacturer of household electric appliance, for the enhancement of our motor business, by which is a key device of air conditioner, and the much further strengthening of our competitiveness in our air conditioner business by which being developed in the overseas market globally such as Europe, Middle East, Asia, Australia and US not only the Japan-domestic market.

Little Swan Group is showing their advantage as a No.1 manufacturer of electric washing machine in Chinese-domestic sale mainly.

Moreover, they are handling the motor business mostly for the electric washing machine from early time.

We have established the cooperative relationship with Little Swan Group for the supply of the printed circuit board assembly of control air conditioner.

And this time, Little Swan Group and we have also established the joint company by combining each strong area of motor business.

New company is established at Jingjiang City, Jiangsu Province near our Shanghai factory (Fujitsu General (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.)

We will gear up the production and sales of the DC motor for the air conditioner, etc. by combining Fujitsu General's high-performance motor technology and Little Swan Group's high-precision processing technology and managerial technique etc.

The manufactured motors will be supplied fully to our Shanghai factory by which our small capacity air conditioners are manufactured, and will be also sold in the Chinese-domestic market and other areas through Little Swan Group's sales channel and our Fujitsu General's sales channel.

The new company will contribute much further enhancement to air conditioner business and aim further expansion of motor business in our Fujitsu General and also contribute the expansion and development of motor business in Little Swan Group.

Photo:Panorama of new company: "F.G.L.S. Electric Co., Ltd."

Outline of new company

Corporate name:
F.G.L.S. Electric Co., Ltd.
December 2003 (schedule)
Hisao Igarasi (Fujitsu General Limited)
Director :
Fujitsu General: Three directors
Jiangsu Little Swan Sanjiang Electric Appliances Co., Ltd.: Two directors
Investment ratio:
Fujitsu General Ltd.: 50%
Jiangsu Little Swan Sanjiang Electric Appliances Co., Ltd.: 50%
NO.8, JiangZhou Road, Economic Development Zone, Jingjiang City, Jiangsu Province, P.R.China
Scope of business:
Production and sales of worldwide motors for air conditioner and household electric appliances
Settling term:
December 31
Capital stock:
US $6.3 million (About ¥730 million, 1$ = ¥116)
Factory scale:
  1. Factory land area: About 50,000 square meter
  2. Building area: About 25,000 square meter
  3. Production scale:2 million units at the first year
    Aiming 5 million units three years late

Reason for new company establishment

We have developed worldwide air conditioner business positively corresponding to the market environment by which changing at a high speed.
For correspondence to the business environment like this, we established Fujitsu General (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Thailand factory) as for the main factory of middle-scale and large-scale air conditioner production in 1991.
Moreover, we constructed successively the Shanghai factory at Shanghai, China as for the main factory of small-scale air conditioner in 1994.
Both factories have been operated smoothly now, air conditioners have been manufactured at both factories and supplied for the world market more than the Japanese market.
On the other hand, we established FGA (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in Thailand for the manufacturing factory of the motor for middle-scale and large-scale air conditioner in 1999, and the manufactured motors have been supplied fully to the Thailand factory (Fujitsu General (Thailand) Co., Ltd.).
In the Shanghai factory, the motors such as high-performance DC motor etc. which are installed in the air conditioner for Japanese market air conditioner models are supplying from Aomori Fujitsu General in Japan mainly.
However, there are more accelerating market changes, necessities of prompt action to cost down requirement and the procurement and also materials itself and processing technology have been developed in China.
Therefore, we have determined manufacturing the high-performance DC motor and other motor applied products by making to establish the new company jointing with Little Swan Group in China at this time.
As a result, the manufacturing and the supply system of the small-size motor in China will be established, and the optimum location manufacturing and supply system for air conditioner's key devices will be constructed.
As for the establishment of new company, it will make to enhance the motor business and the air conditioner business, and also, it will make to take more strong competitive power in the world market for our Fujitsu General.
Moreover, we will aim the expansion and development with Little Swan Group in the motor business.

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