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October 31, 2007
Fujitsu General Limited

Production base for multi air conditioning system for buildings

Fujitsu General Central Air-conditioner (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. constructing a new factory

Our subsidiary company Fujitsu General Central Air-conditioner (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. (Wuxi City, China. Chairman: Kiyoshi Soda, hereinafter "FGCA") will construct a new factory for multi air-conditioning system for buildings in Wuxi City, China. The construction of the new factory will start at the end of November this year and is scheduled to be completed at the end of June, 2008.

Recently in China, the demand for multi air conditioning system for buildings and detached houses is rapidly increasing along with the construction boom for high-rise buildings and large detached houses for high income bracket. In order to cope with this increase of demand, we established FGCA in joint venture with Wuxi Little Swan Central Air Conditioner Co., Ltd. (Wuxi City, China, Chairman: Sun Jian Xin, hereinafter "LSCA") as a manufacturing and sales company of multi air conditioning system for buildings mainly for Chinese market in January, 2006.

Thereafter, in order to promote large air conditioner business more subjectively and positively, we acquired whole share of LSCA (25% of total capital: about US$2 million) and started business newly as a sole ownership company on July 3 this year.(Previous report)

On the other hand, the multi air conditioning systems for buildings for Europe, Australia and various other countries in the world are at present produced by Fujitsu General (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Chonburi, Thailand. President: Satoshi Ohno, 100% owned by FG), but for the expansion of business in this field in the future, we decided to construct the new factory of FGCA to reinforce the production capacity of multi air conditioning system for buildings.

The new factory will be constructed in theHigh-tech industrialdevelopment zone,Wuxi,Jiangsu,China where FGCA acquired the right to use the land of 33,367m² on September 6 this year. The site is located near WuxiInternationalAirport and the interchange of expressway, and a new railway station will be constructed so that it will be highly convenient from the logistics viewpoint.

In the premise, a building of total floor area 28,763m² including 2-storied factory, parts factory, power room, canteen will be constructed. In the factory, parts incoming space, production lines, product shipment space are arranged along the production process for the enhancement of production efficiency.

The production capacity(*1) of the new factory is about 150,000 units for the first year and will be expanded to about 550,000 units in 2010 by reinforcing the facility sequentially.

Total investment amount for the factory construction is about 78 million yuan (about 1.2 billion yen).

We will promote the sales of multi air conditioning system for building made by FGCA not only in China but also in various countries of the world.

Rendering of new factory

About new factory construction

1.New factory construction schedule

Nov. 29, 2005:
Signed a joint venture agreement for establishment of FGCA
(with Wuxi Little Swan Central Air Conditioner Co., Ltd.)
Jan. 5, 2006:
FGCA started operation and business.
Jul. 3, 2007:
Changed to sole ownership company
(Changed business license in China)
Sep. 6, 2007:
Acquired land in industrial development zone
Early Nov., 2007:
Increasing capital
(US$4 million, Total capital: US$12.6 million)
End Nov., 2007:
Construction to be started.
End Jun., 2008:
Construction to be completed

2. Outline of new factory

Location :
116 High-tech industrial development zone,Wuxi,Jiangsu,China
Land area :
Total floor space :
Factory :
2 storied
1F: Production line, parts storage, warehouse, truck yard for shipment
2F: Office area, installation parts storage, service parts storage, warehouse
Other facility:
power room, canteen


Outline of Fujitsu General Central Air-conditioner (Wuxi) Co., Ltd.

Chairman :
Kiyoshi Soda
Location :
1 Hanjiang Road, New Zone, Wuxi, P.R. China
Establishment :
January 5, 2006
Line of business :
Production of multi air-conditioning system for buildings (outdoor units/indoor units) and service parts, related parts. Sales in China.
Capital :
US$8.6 million
Settlement term :
December 31
Number of employees :
173 (as of March 31, 2007)


*1 Production capacity :
Total of indoor units and outdoor units

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