February 2,2009
Fujitsu General Limited

Home appliance recycling plant of Fujitsu General

Fuji Ecocycle constructing a new factory

Starting operation in April, 2010

Aiming to strengthen the production capacity of home appliance recycling plant, our subsidiary “Fuji Ecocycle Ltd.” (Our investment ratio 55%) will construct a new factory in the premise of Hamamatsu Business Office and relocate from the current factory in Fujinomiya City, Shizuoka prefecture.

The amount of investment for the construction of factory building will be about 1.6 billion yen and the total amount of investment including facility and machinery is estimated to be about 2.7 billion yen.

Our company decided the relocation and expansion of the factory to fulfill our obligation of the recycling business and will start the construction today. The new factory is scheduled to be completed in December and start operation in April, 2010.

The discharge of used consumer electric goods based on the Law for Recycling of Specified Kinds of Home Appliances (hereinafter “Home Appliance Recycling Law”) has increased from 8.55 million units in 2001 when the law was enforced to 12.11 million units in 2007 (increase by 42%). Besides, as the items of target product increased, the expansion of disposal capacity, the upgrading of material recycling rate and product recycling rate and the improvement of factory efficiency are now being requested.

We established “Fuji Ecocycle Ltd.” in Fujinomiya City, Shizuoka Prefecture, in April, 2000 which has been engaged in the collection of used consumer electric goods and the material recycling and product recycling of iron, aluminum, copper and plastics based on the Home Appliance Recycling Law in cooperation with other electric manufacturers.

This time, we will relocate the factory from Fujinomiya to Hamamatsu (in the premise of Fujitsu General Hamamatsu Business Office) and construct a new factory with total floor space 9,878m2, about double the current factory. The new factory is aimed to contribute to the recycling-oriented economic society to promote the recycling such as the upgrading of material recycling rate and product recycling rate through introduction of high efficiency production line, enhancement of recycling technology and improvement of factory efficiency.

Rendering of Fuji Ecocycle new factory


1.Outline of new factory

Address :  
1930, Nakagawa, Hosoe-cho, Kita-ku, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, Japan
(in the premise of Fujitsu General Hamamatsu Business Office)
Construction scale :  
Total floor space: 9,878m2
Building area: 6,695m2
Two-storied building (15.3m high)
Main facility (plan) :  
Primary decomposition line
Refrigerator crushing line
3 items crushing line
Sorting machine line
Plastic crushing line
Heat exchanger and board crushing machine
Estimated amount of investment :  
Total about 2.7 billion yen

2.Outline of Fuji Ecocycle Ltd.

Established :  
April 7, 2000
Address :  
3507-19, Yamamiya, Fujinomiya, Shizuoka, Japan
President :  
Koji Kawauchi
Capital :  
200 million yen
Investment ratio :  
Fujitsu General Limited 55%
Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. 5%
Sharp Corporation 5%
Sony Corporation 5%
Hitachi Appliances, Inc. 5%
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation 5%
Main business :  
Recycling of the products stipulated in the Law for Recycling of Specified Kinds of Home Appliances
Line of business :  
Used consumer electric goods (TVs, refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, air conditioners) and other electric goods
Capacity :  
450,000 units/year (Current factory)
Business area :  
Shizuoka Pref. and part of Yamanashi Pref. , Nagano Pref. , Gifu Pref., Aichi Pref.

Contact details :

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