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July 3,2009
Fujitsu General Limited

FUJITSU GENERAL (AUST.) won “GfK No.1 Award” in the Australian air conditioner market for 5 consecutive years

Our Australian sales subsidiary FUJITSU GENERAL (AUST.) PTY. LIMITED (Managing Director: Shuji Takada, 100% invested by our company, hereinafter “FG (AUST.)”) won “GfK No.1 Award” which is granted to the air conditioner brand sold most of all in the Australian air conditioner market for 5 consecutive years.

GfK Award is granted to the brand which is most sold in one year from January to December in total 54 products of 3 categories of “Converging Technologies”, “Small Domestic Appliances” and “Major Domestic Appliances”.
Since inauguration of the Award in 2004, our company won the Award for 5 consecutive years in the “Air Conditioning” category of “Major Domestic Appliances” which is classified into 11 products.

In Australia, the interest in global environmental issue is very high and the social requirement for energy-saving performance of air conditioners is rapidly heightening. In the sales of air conditioners, it is obliged to clear the energy-saving standard set according to product type and category by “Minimum Energy Performance Standard” (generally called “MEPS”). Furthermore, the Energy Rating Labeling System is adopted, in which notation of energy consumption efficiency is obliged for each of cooling operation and heating operation.
Under these circumstances, we have developed and introduced air conditioners with industry’s top class energy-saving performance in the Australian market making use of such energy-saving technology as inverter control which we have already used in various markets of the world.

FG (AUST.) has been building up strong relationship with mass sales retailers and dealers by offering the products accepted by the market and through various sales promotion activities and also, established a strong brand image through long years of unique sales activities such as character contract with Mr. Mark Taylor, national hero as former captain of Australian National Cricket Team, and sponsorship contract in Australian popular motor sports (Super Car Champion Series), which lead to the winning of “GfK No.1 Award” for 5 consecutive years.
This is a very significant award from the viewpoint of brand promotion strategy as the companies of awarded brand are allowed to use the logo of “GfK No.1” which indicates No.1 in the Australian market for advertising throughout 2009.
We will make further efforts for the expansion of sales to continue to win the Award in the future as well.

GfK is a world famous market research company of consumer products making research of sales trend of various products by brand in various countries based on the information from a wide range of retailers.

“GfK No.1” logo indicating No.1 in the Australian market


Products by category of GfK Award

Converging Technologies: Total 18 products
Audio Home System, Camcorders, Car Navigation, Printers, Cordless Phones, Desktop PCs, Digital Cameras, DVD Players, DVD Recorders, Home Theatre Systems, Inkjet Cartridges, LCD TVs, Multi-Function Devices, Plasma TVs, Portable Media Players, Portable PCs, Receivers, Set Top Boxes
Small Domestic Appliances: Total 25 products
Blenders, Breadmakers, Coffee Grinders, Coffee Makers, Electric Blankets, Electric Fans, Electric Heaters, Epilators, Food Processors, Food Steamers, Fryware, Grillers, Hair Care, Irons, Juicers, Mini Ovens, Mixers, Novelty, Oral Care, Sandwich Press, Shavers, Slow Cookers, Toasters, Vacuum Cleaners, Well - Being
Major Domestic Appliances: Total 11 products
Air Conditioners, Cookers, Dishwashers, Dryers, Freezers, Gas Heaters, Hobs, Microwave Ovens, Rangehoods, Refrigerators, Washing Machines


Company name :  
Managing Director :  
Shuichi Takada
Number of employees :  
Head office location :  
Eastern Creek Drive, Eastern Creek N.S.W. 2766 Australia
Capital :  
100% by Fujitsu General Limited
Line of business :  
Sales and maintenance service of room air conditioners and packaged air conditioners in Australia
Established :  

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