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July 17,2015
Fujitsu General Limited

Fujitsu General (Aust) received
"2015 Canstar Blue Most Satisfied Customers Award"
in room air conditioner market of Australia

Our Australian sales subsidiary FUJITSU GENERAL (AUST) PTY. LIMITED, hereinafter "FG (AUST)", received "2015 Canstar Blue Most Satisfied Customers Award" in the air conditioner market of Australia. This is the second time of winning the height award following the first time in 2012.

This Award is granted only to the brand evaluated most highly by Canster Blue Pty. Ltd which is surveying the customer satisfaction measurement of various products and services in the market. The awarded company is allowed to use the "Canstar Blue" logo for sales promotion and advertisement activity through the year, and so, this is a very significant award from the viewpoint of brand strategy.

The evaluation is made by conducting a questionnaire survey targeting the consumers who bought air conditioner within the most recent 2 years by way of 5 step (1 to 5) evaluation of the overall evaluation and the individual evaluation of 6 categories of price, reliability, after-sale service, ease of use, functionality and low noise operation. Our company was evaluated as the brand of the highest customer satisfaction acquiring the highest rank of 5 star among a number of air conditioner makers.

Our company and FG (AUST) are always developing the products matching the market environment promptly and striving to establish the system to satisfy the customers in using our products with security by providing good quality after-sale service through our own service organization in 5 major cities in Australia from 2014.

We will further enhance the customer satisfaction level in the future by developing the products excelling in energy-saving performance and corresponding to the needs of consumers and strengthen the support and service structure.

Logo of "Canstar Blue" (left) indicating the highest customer satisfaction in the market and Certificate (right)

Our main model of wall-mounted type air conditioner: Indoor unit (left) and outdoor unit (right)



Outline of Canstar Blue Pty Ltd.

Company name:
Canstar Blue Pty Ltd
Managing Director:
William Andrew Willink, Lachlan Paul Given
Head office location:
Brisbane, QLD, Australia
Line of business:
Consumers report on electrical appliances
October 26, 2010


Company name:
Managing Director:
Toru Ishizuka
Number of employees:
Head office location:
Eastern Creek Drive, Eastern Creek N.S.W. 2766, Australia
100% by Fujitsu General Limited
Line of business:
Sales and maintenance service of room air conditioners and packaged air conditioners in Australia

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