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August 29, 2018

Fujitsu General Limited


World’s First*1 Ceiling embedded type indoor unit that delivers even airflow distribution throughout the room with multiple moving air outlets


Fujitsu General will release the world’s first*1 multi air conditioner indoor unit mounted with moving air outlets on both sides of the ceiling embedded type indoor unit at the end of August for China.

Approximately 75% of the multi air conditioner market in China is for home use centered on apartment buildings. Duct type indoor units account for approximately 90% of that. An issue identified with the duct type air outlets was that it was difficult for airflow released from the air outlets to diffuse throughout the room as the unit could only be mounted in a forward direction.

We have now tackled this challenge by developing an indoor unit that can deliver airflow throughout the room, creating a comfortable living space. We have achieved this by mounting air outlets to both the left and right sides of the indoor unit in addition to the forward facing main outlet to enable flexibility around airflow direction.

We have also drastically reduced ventilation loss by a new blower design. For example, we have completely changed the layout of the blower fan by dividing the heat exchanger into two and adding multiple blower fans. This has allowed us to achieve industry leading low power consumption*2.

In addition to functional benefits, we have also ensured the overall design was visually enhanced through a superior finish.

These new ceiling embedded type indoor units mounted with moving air outlets are now available in the multi air conditioner range. Fujitsu General is proud to continue to lead the way in bringing new technology to market to meet the evolving demands in domestic air conditioning.

【Main Features】

1. Mounted with world’s first*1 moving air outlets to deliver airflow throughout the room and provide a comfortable living space

2. Industry leading low power consumption*2 technology with a new blower design and reduced ventilation loss

3. Visually enhanced design through a superior finish

Ceiling embedded type indoor unit mounted with moving air outlets (Photograph: AUQS050/056/063/071GLAH)


As of August 29, 2018. According to our research. For ceiling embedded cassette type indoor units. Patent pending.
As of August 29, 2018. According to our research. For ceiling embedded cassette type indoor units from the 5 kW to 7 kW class for China.

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