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June 14, 2019



Fujitsu General Releases Commercial Air Conditioning System Jointly Developed with an Italian Air Conditioning Manufacturer

First product jointly developed by the European R&D Center to be sold in the European market

Fujitsu General together with Italian air conditioning manufacturer G.I. Holding S.p.A. (hereafter “GIH”) has jointly developed an inverter-controlled Air Handling Unit* (hereafter “AHU”) with excellent energy savings. Sales of the air conditioning system, which can be used for spaces of various sizes large to small and consisting of various shapes, such as hotels and shopping malls, will begin in Europe in June under our brand.

In the European commercial air conditioning market, the market for building multi-air conditioning system with excellent energy saving (hereafter VRF) developed by Japanese and other manufacturers is expanding and demand for the AHU and chillers manufactured and sold by North American and European manufacturers is also becoming strong. The air conditioning system being sold this time was jointly developed under the leadership of our European R&D Center and allows Fujitsu General’s VRF outdoor units to be connected as a heat source to the AHU made by GIH. Combining Fujitsu General’s inverter control heat pump technology with the air conditioners made by GIH produced a commercial air conditioning system with excellent energy saving. This makes it possible to design the system to match each of the characteristics of the facility to meet the diverse and wide-ranging needs of large commercial facilities.

Fujitsu General’s intermediate management policy includes objectives to “expand the overseas commercial business” and “promote business alliances,” and so as part of this, we agreed in 2017 to form a comprehensive alliance for joint development with GIH. The AHU that was developed this time was the first product jointly developed with GIH.

Going forward Fujitsu General will promote alliances and cooperation with other companies to expand its commercial air conditioner lineup and improve its VRF and other inverter-controlled heat pump technology.

Fujitsu General VRF outdoor unit  that is the heat source for the AHU,AHU sold under our brand


The AHU (Air Handling Unit) is an air conditioner based on a ventilation function that uses the refrigerant supplied from external heat source equipment (outdoor units) to adjust the temperature and humidity of the air and supply it to the rooms.

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