Capital Investment

June 13, 2019

Fujitsu General Limited


Development Base to Increase the Pace of New Value Creation Will Start Operations in July

Promotion of Interdepartmental Synergy and Open Innovation

Fujitsu General has constructed a development base, the Innovation & Communication Center (hereafter “ICC”) on the grounds of our Kawasaki Head Office to promote interdepartmental synergy within our company, and open innovation with those outside, to create new value through innovative manufacturing. The building was completed on June 12th and will start operations in July. The total amount of investment is approximately 6.4 billion yen combining the construction and test equipment costs.

The ICC, which will be the new core base of our group’s technology and development, features a Center Court to induce communication between employees of different departments, and the Wai-Gaya Campus to enhance creative powers.

We have also set up a dedicated space for research and study of commercial air conditioning systems, to combine products such as chillers and air handling units that we do not develop with our in-house products. In addition, we have the Alliance Lab test site to provide a place for putting together ideas and making trials in collaboration with those outside the company. This will promote open innovation by integrating technologies and knowledge from inside and outside the company.

We are aiming to enhance our engineers’ creative powers, technical skills, and knowledge. At the same time, we will promote innovation and strengthen efforts to create new value by combining technologies and knowledge with our collaborators and business partners.

Core Base for Technological Development: Innovation & Communication Center

Core Base for Technological Development: Innovation & Communication Center

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