May 18, 2020

Fujitsu General Limited


Fujitsu General Introduces All-New AIRSTAGE J and V Series of Commercial Multi Split Air Conditioners in Europe

20 New Models Offer Greater Flexibility in Facility Design and Installation

Fujitsu General Limited today announced that, as part of its efforts to bolster its commercial air conditioner business outside Japan, in mid-May it will introduce in Europe 15 new models of multi split air conditioners in the AIRSTAGE J series for small-to-medium stores and offices, and five new models in the V series for larger buildings.

1. J Series Models Offer Greater Flexibility and Ease of Installation

(1) Compact and light outdoor units

All J series models, including J-IVL models that boast the industry’s smallest outdoor units, provide compact and light outdoor units that offer greater flexibility and ease of installation.

(2) Outdoor units capable of operating under a higher static pressure*1 achieve better air conditioning performance even when placed in tight spaces (J-IVS and J-IV models)

In Europe, outdoor units of air conditioners are often placed out of public sight, such as in a space between buildings or behind a balcony fence, leaving little space around them, which may hinder their ability to suction sufficient air to provide optimum cooling and heating performance. Outdoor units of the J series air conditioners are equipped with an advanced operation control system that enables them to operate under a higher static pressure and provide better air conditioning performance even when installed in tight spaces.

(3) A single outdoor unit can drive more indoor units than competitive units can

We redesigned the heat exchanger in the indoor units for the J series air conditioners. A single 18 HP outdoor unit of the J series can drive up to 42 indoor units, making it an ideal choice for hotels and commercial buildings, in which many rooms and stores have their own indoor units.

2. Daisy-Chain Configuration of Outdoor Units of V Series Models Meets Diverse Air Conditioning Needs in Larger Buildings

(1) The wider capacity range of indoor units can be connected to an outdoor unit. V Series enable partial air conditioning within a building

When one of the tenants of a large commercial building pre-opens before the grand opening, air conditioning needs to be provided only to that part of the building. Previous-generation models of our air conditioners require that connected indoor units have a combined cooling and heating capacity corresponding to 50% or greater that of an outdoor unit in order to provide partial air conditioning within a building. Our new V series models can provide partial air conditioning when a combined capacity of connected indoor units corresponds to only 25% or more of an outdoor unit’s capacity. This is the smallest percentage in the industry*2 and offers greater flexibility.

(2) A single outdoor unit can drive more indoor units than a previous-generation unit, offering greater flexibility in facility design

As is the case with the new J series models, a single outdoor unit of a V series model can drive more indoor units than a previous-generation unit, offering greater flexibility in facility design. Three daisy-chained 16 HP outdoor units can drive up to 64 indoor units connected to them.

AIRSTAGE J and V Series


Static pressure refers to the resistance to airflow in an air conditioner’s air duct. The tighter space an outdoor unit is placed, the greater becomes static pressure, which in turn affects the cooling and heating performance of an air conditioner. The new J series models are designed to operate under a higher static pressure.
As of May 18, 2020. Source: Fujitsu General Limited

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