June 10, 2020

Fujitsu General Limited


Fujitsu General Voted the Most Trusted Air Conditioner Brand by Australian Consumers for the 3rd Consecutive Year

Fujitsu General (Aust.) Pty Ltd. [FG (Aust.)], an Australian sales subsidiary of Fujitsu General Limited, was voted by Australians as the most trusted air conditioner brand in the 2020 Reader’s Digest Trusted Brands survey for the third consecutive year.

The annual Trusted Brands survey, organized by the Australian edition of the Reader’s Digest magazine, recognizes the most trusted consumer brands in more than 70 categories of products and services across a broad range of industries. Nearly 3,000 preselected Australian consumers completed an online questionnaire. Each participant was asked to rate the brands they trust for each category, as well as rate which brand they trust the most and give reasons why. FG (Aust.) has the honor of having been recognized as the most trusted brand in the air conditioner category every year since 2018, when this category was added to the survey. The winning brand in each category is entitled to use the “Trusted Brand Winner” logo mark (pictured below) in its marketing communications, including promotional items, packaging and advertising, which undoubtedly enhances the image and strength of the brand.

FG (Aust.) has been continually upgrading its service network around the country to provide excellent after-sales service to customers via Fujitsu General Assist. In addition, the company, as part of its effort to meet the needs of increasingly environmentally conscious Australian consumers, was the first in Australia to market air conditioners that use R32, a greener refrigerant with a lower global warming potential value and greater energy efficiency* than conventional refrigerants. Fujitsu General is committed to expanding its business in Australia by continuing to deliver high quality, energy efficient, and reliable products that meet or exceed customers’ expectations.

The “Trusted Brand Winner” logo mark to appear on Fujitsu General Australia’s marketing communications, The new head office of Fujitsu General Australia in Sydney, which became operational in May 2019


*Global warming potential (GWP) value:
A measure of the size of a greenhouse gas’s contribution to global warming. R32 refrigerant has a GWP value one third of that of conventional R410A refrigerant.

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