August 5, 2020

Fujitsu General Limited


Fujitsu General Introduces its First Air Conditioners Jointly Developed with Rheem to Expand Business in North America

Fujitsu General Limited announced that it will start marketing in North America on August 25 the first HVAC system jointly developed with its U.S. partner, Rheem.

In the North American residential air conditioner segment, the annual market demand for mini-split air conditioning and heat pump systems, our core offerings, has achieved an average of 16% year-on-year growth over the past five years, while the demand for whole-home ducted air conditioning and heat pump systems, the mainstream in the market, has been growing by an average of 4% annually during the same period.

Since 2017, Fujitsu General and Rheem have been strategic partners, working together to expand the North American heating and cooling product portfolios for both companies.

Two companies have jointly developed new HVAC systems that offer outstanding energy efficiency, quiet operation, and enhanced comfort. These offerings consist of four models of mini-split style outdoor units—developed by Fujitsu General—and indoor units developed by Rheem. The outdoor units come in a smaller body than conventional outdoor units for whole-home ducted systems and boast a maximum capacity of 4 tons (13.6 kW). The indoor units offer a multi-positional air-handling capability, which is a popular design in North America, to provide greater installation flexibility. The addition of these new products positions Fujitsu General and Rheem for additional air conditioner business in North America.

【Key Features of the New Products】

(1) Smaller and quieter outdoor units

The outdoor units have shorter profiles and smaller footprints than conventional outdoor units. Homeowners also benefit from quiet operation: indoor unit sound levels are as low as 24 dB(A) (in quiet mode), while outdoor unit sound levels are as low as 53 dB(A).

(2) Multi-positional air-handling indoor units

The indoor units are capable of setting airflow directions either upward or downward, right or left, depending on where they are installed, such as in an attic or a utility room.

(3) Greater energy efficiency and comfort

The compact outdoor units boast a maximum capacity of 4 tons (13.6 kW) and offer best-in-class energy efficiency with a SEER of 17 or more. They incorporate an airflow control system designed to blow an optimum level of airflow indoors to deliver greater comfort.

(From left to right) 2- and 2.5-ton capacity side-blowing compact outdoor unit with a single fan; 3- and 4-ton capacity outdoor unit of the same configuration; and a 3- and 4-ton capacity multi-positional air-handling indoor unit

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